Vaastu recommends regular shapes, which are balanced and symmetrical. Generally, square and rectangular plots, which have all the angles at 90 degrees, are considered appropriate.

Square Plots :

Plots in which all the sides are equal and at an angle of 90 degrees are considered the most auspicious.Vaastu Purush fits best in a square plot and all his body parts are in good shape leading to all round prosperity and health.

Rectangular Plots :

Plots in which the opposite sides are equal and all angles are of 90 degrees are considered very auspicious. The ideal proportion of length and breadth is 1:2. Very narrow rectangular plots are not considered auspicious as they make one feel like living in a long corridor.

Circular Plots :

Circular plots are auspicious for residential and commercial purposes provided the construction is also circular. In case the construction inside a circular plot is square or rectangular, it gives bad results.

Triangular Plot :

Plots that are triangular are considered inauspicious as they give negative energy.

Oval Shape :

Such plots are unfit for residential purposes but good for religious Vaastu.

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