Vastu Shastra has scientific evidences today of benefits :

Vastu affects your thinking, mood, behavior & thus all you family members / colleagues will slowly feel good and positive energy in environment. Productivity will increase, study of children will improve and your business / job environment will become positive.

A proper architectural plan and its implementation is the crucial element of this process. However, this science is much more than that. It creats a crucial shift in mentality. Home, Office, Factory, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Shops, Showrooms, Flats, Houses which have to be designed in such a manner that allows positive influences to be properly channeled and negative ones to be dispersed and removed from your environment.

Home / Residence Vastu :

All aspects of Home / Residence vastu are covered for peace and prosperity.

Construction of entrance, windows, balcony, living room, bed room, kitchen, plants, storage, water tank, stairs, etc are very clearly indicated.

Living Room Vastu :

Living room is a place which brings liveliness of your home and proper placements of items as per vastu will bring joy, happiness, name and fame from all who visits your home.

Placements like T.V., A.C., Showcase, Aquarium, Water fountain, Windows, Fire Place, Sofa and other furniture can be arranged as per vastu guidelines.

Bed Room Vastu :

Get peaceful sleep after exhausted day life to feel relaxed and energetic every morning by placements as per vastu.

Use to arrange Bed, Dressing Table, Toilet/bath, Wardrobe, etc. as per vastu.

Kitchen Vastu :

Guides about arrangements within Kitchen for healthy cooking along with Entrance and Window directions.

Placement of Stove, Oven, Refrigerator, Drinking Water, Dining Table, Grain Storage, etc. is directed.

Plot Vastu :

Helps you to buy/lease auspicious and progressive land.

Gives you idea about futuristic construction as per vastu.

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