Vaastu for Factories or Industries

Industrial structures need special attention in Vaastu Analysis. In an Industrial Environment, the human potential is exploited to its maximum in multidisciplinary activities – production clubbed with leadership function, research activity clubbed with market dynamics, achieving impedance – free movement of men and materials in crowded workplace etc. This balancing act needs a perfect understanding of contribution of each of the Vaastu directions to the overall Industrial space.

The Indian insight into Vaastu planning is based on the concept of energy helix. This permits analysis of each part of the structure at individual level and then synthesizing these into the total structure. Vaastu Shastra considers a Vaastu as a living being and as such clubs the energetic of the Vaastu with various parameters to make it lively. The character of a living entity is always reflected in its shape, form, size and looks. Similarly, qualities like harmony and rhythm are part of a symmetric structure. In Industrial structures, the contribution of various directions is analysed on the basis of form and shape of the structure as well as the plot.

Industries should be in such a manner that the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. If they violate the principles of Vaastu that can lead to less production, no sale, problem with labour or any hazardous risk.

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