The houses represent the fields of experience wherein energies of the signs and planets operate. Rather than symbolizing just the outward experience and environmental circumstances specified by most traditional astrology the houses also reveal the inner state and of one's personal subjective experience and attitudes. By noting the planets placements in the natal chart, Daivajna K.N.Somayaji can tell which levels and areas of experience will be strongly emphasized.

Daivajna K.N.Somayaji specializes in advising the young professionals and business executives on various key projects and career aspects, such as venture capital, portfolio management, and primary/secondary market, International trade, banking, diversification, reviving the sick industries, I.T. companies and various industrial issues. He is an expert advisor on issues such as Marriage, Education, Children, Domestic relationship and Commercial Aspects.

He has travelled extensively across India and constantly travels to Russia, European Countries, U.S.A., Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Srilanka, Canada and Australia.

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